【writing】 Expressions for paper writing

  • Expressions for paper writing


  • Apart from the aforementioned forms/works
  • be aims to = be targeted to
  • no need to reinvent general segmentation architectures
  • the following observation explains the superiority of N.
  • In turn, = Eventually
  • adopt A with the following changes.
  • it seems natural to
  • work well and produce even better results than
  • F is a network parameterized by θ
  • To have a more thorough comparison,
  • hinders the applicability of segmentation models.
  • Therefore, instead of improving ~, our work focused on
  • leverages the availability of extra unlabeled or weakly annotated
  • , with the aim of narrowing the gap to the supervised models
  • we specify/ demonstrate/ present that
  • and vice versa.but not vice versa.
  • It is expected that -.
  • As illustrated in Fig,
  • We investigate how

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